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Buying and Using Antique Rugs in your Home

  • Posted On: Friday, November 3rd, 2017
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Antique rugs can add a unique feel to a interior space, they can provide balance, comfort or help set a mood. Antique rugs have been around for many years, they have a history which can create a story or even can be a conversation starter for guests/visitors. Rugs do have many uses beside adding colour and feel to a room, they can also provide warmth by keeping the cold out, rugs are also known to absorb acoustic noises

Antique or Oriental rug are a heavy textile usually classified as those that are hundred years or more

Old, handmade using natural dyes, these types of rugs are highly sought after, for there distinctive look and originality.


getting a good price for an antique rug
Buying an antique rug

When buying these type of rugs its important not to have your heart set on an image you have seen in a magazine or Pinterest, moments like these its best to have your mind open, what you see in a image could look a lot a different under your type of lighting and being an image it could have been a one of a kind type of rug. If you are looking for something particular why not narrow it down to a rug aesthetic – tribal, traditional or geometric this can help to narrow it down to a certain group for your space.

Always do your research before hand when buying a rug, Google has a star review rate and feedback section in there search when looking for a business and the feedback can be useful when buying, if it’s a business I have not dealt with before I always like to find out more about them and also check there contact page to make sure they can be contacted and are local, a new thing in eCommerce sites are live messaging where you get to talk directly with the supplier this can help with all your questions you have and no need to chase up a phone number, email address or to drive in to the store to find out more about there products.

eBay is another great site to find antique rugs, what I would do is, start a search and have a look at what antique rugs are available and what prices I would be looking at, also I would add the ones I like to a watch list as I go, there have been times when I go so far and forgotten to add them and in end given up and went else where, always remember to place a bid near the end of the auction, this helps to not drive the price up. Other places of interest – Facebook marketplace, Gumtree are few places to look at.


Things to look out for when buying

Frayed edges can unravel very quickly and can be costly to repair and are not worth the investment. When purchasing in store look for signs that the rug is handmade, one way to tell that it is not made by machine, ask the dealer to flip it over to see the back of it, the rug should look identical to the front, this is the easiest way to tell that it has been made by hand.

This one might strange but try walking on the rug and listen to the sound, if it makes a cracking sound and feels like cardboard, then the rug has not been dried using the proper technique.

One thing to keep an eye open for is dealers often try to paint the fabric on a rug, to make sure the dye is not fabricated take a cloth along with you and press it against the fabric, if any dye is transferred then it be best to move on.

Expect some wear and tear with antique rugs, dirt can be removed, any fraying or a visible foundation should be a turn off.


decorating with antique rugs
Decorating with Antique Rugs

Antique rugs can bring sophistication and depth to any interior space, it’s important to achieve balance when placing a rug in your room, a good trick to go by is to subtract 2 or 3 feet from the width and length of the room.

Make sure your rug matches your decor, infusing serenity and offering a visual relief. With bold wallpapers you should avoid large animated patterns on rugs and consider adding a solid rug to the room if you would like to add a patterned rug to your room then consider a wall with a more neutral colour (single colour) and instantly turn the rug into a focal point.

Dining tables tend to have a lot of action happening around it and when laying a rug under a table its best to choose a rug that is big enough for diners to move there chairs without it getting caught or catching the edge of the rug. If you are using a rug for under a bed, make sure that it is 1 foot wider than the bed, these type of areas should provide comfort when walking around and getting out of bed, using the wrong size rug would look out of place, when choosing a rug for the bedroom make sure the colours blend in with furniture or accents.

The bathroom or kitchen should look more interesting with long, rectangular rugs you can achieve this, these can be eye-catching, help create balance, when adding a rug to the bathroom do not forget to ask the retailer to line the rug with anti-skid materials or rubber cushions underneath.

Antique rugs can be very handy when complimenting a room, with its handmade materials and unique style of patterns and colours it can add statement or age to your room

High Traffic areas – use a rug that has lots of patterns to it, these patterns will make the wear and tear a lot less visible.

If you are looking for something different to do with your rug and is to good to be walked on why not hang it on the wall and use it as a feature item or artistic decor



When using a rug for a certain space there is a few things to keep in mind, but when done right a space can feel welcoming and relaxing for family and visitors, antique, Persian or Oriental rugs have a history to them they can be used as a center piece or as a conversation starter these rugs are perfect for the dining or living area where there is a high turn over in foot traffic. Keep in mind these types of rugs also need the loving and caring attention as they can loose there functionality very quickly.


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