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Create the perfect outdoor living space

  • Posted On: Monday, September 4th, 2017
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outdoor living space idea with plenty of pillows and low lighting for entertainment
Provide a lot of great seating
Seating should suit the occasion or event making sure there is  plenty of cushioning for your guests to feel comfortable, one i dislike is sitting on a hard seat for long periods of a time especially at weddings.

Make sure the height is correct
Make sure the dining chairs are the correct height for eating and relaxing, there is nothing like being at a event and the seating is uncomfortable.

lights are perfect for outdoor living entertainment
Lighting is key
Provide great light for tasks like preparing food or when guests are enjoying a drink or two with other friends

Comfort is number one
Provide a lot of pillows on your seating, guests should feel comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves. Pillows can be used behind there backs or to prop up their arms, either way these will make your guests feel great and they look great with any type of furniture.

adding flowers to the table adds a special feature to the interior space
Compliment with nature
Dinner party’s always look great with a nice selection of flowers on the table and it helps to liven things up among the cutlery and food.

Other Ideas for that outdoor space
Create a relaxing sanctuary with a water feature to offer a point of interest for guests to hang around and talk about
Hang a beautiful looking chandelier above your dining table or meeting area in your outdoor space
What about an eye catching artwork to help kick-start the conversation for your guests

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