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Must haves for your Interior Design Website

Getting your business online can bring in a whole new type of clients and provide a wider range of work, why not get your Interior Design business online now!

  • Posted On: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
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Are you looking at getting a new website created for your Interior Design services. In this post we will be providing a insight into what is required to get your interior business up and running online. These days to get your business moving forward a website is a must for any business out there but some business people have little or no knowledge when it comes to web design best practices and if you looking at hiring a web designer or developer then the price goes up even more, being an ex-web designer myself i would like to provide an insight into what is required and help keep costs down when putting together a website, there are many sites out there like Wix and Squarespace that provide space and templates to build your site on but they are limited to what you can do and show online. So in my years of doing the online thing, below is some points to take on board when planning your website. If you do hire a web designer some or all of these points can help prepare for a website designer or visit a studio and save you some money in the long run.A website is a must for any interior designerResponsive Design
How exciting it would be to jump onto your computer and start designing your website or to help save costs on hiring a web designer to create your website it would be best to do some research and create some mockups of how you would like your website to look on a mobile or tablet screen, this also helps to organize the important stuff first before going into a full desktop version. Responsive design is controlled by media queries inside the CSS stylesheet, this is what makes your site look amazing but to get it to respond to mobiles and tablets you will have to insert code, like the meta viewport code in the head of your WebPage to get it to compile.High Quality Images
Images are the fruit off your website especially high quality images that show of your wonderful work, JPEG images are the main choice for websites these are high in quality and easy to compress.

Call to Action Buttons
Let your visitors know what you would like them to do, call to action buttons are displayed with a more contrast colour which stands out to the person viewing your webpage, this will attract the persons eye and excite them to click and see what the button does. Call to action buttons are mainly used on landing pages but in the past years I have noticed talks about your homepage should be treated as a landing page.

Social Networks
With most websites these days social networking is a must, you will find small icons from networks displayed mainly above the fold and in the footer section these areas are more reasonable than having it displayed in the middle or some other spot that will not be looked at by the visitor. With your blog you should encourage your visitors to share content to other networks to help get your brand or name out there in front of a bigger audience.

Blog Section
One good thing about having a blog is that it helps provide fresh and new content towards your website and to get traffic moving towards your site and to help rank better in search engines, fresh new content also keeps your subscribers coming back and being informed on what you and your interior services is doing

search engine optimization for your website SEO

Optimized for Search Engines
Optimize your title and meta description for search engines to click though
Quality content to help you rank better
User experience is a must for your site, give your users want they want to use your site e.g make your site searchable
Use the Alt tag in your images, search engines cannot see your image but they can read your Alt tag description

Other things to keep in mind for your website
Keep your content readable
Pick a clean font
Make your links easy to understand
Use contrasting colours, these will make certain parts of your site stand out to your visitors
Make sure you use a spell checker for your content, this can show your professionalism and what you are like as a interior designer
Add a Hamburger menu on your mobile site version, users are starting to welcome the icon and understand what its use for

Server and Hosting
Ensure your site has a security certificate, especially if you’re collecting information or payments from visitors
Always backup your site, platforms like WordPress offer this as a precaution for your site, always remember that security is always number one when having a website online,
Make sure you have a fast and reliable hosting with a good customer support

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Must have Webpages
When developing a website there are some webpages that must be included in a website, a homepage is a must this page is usually the index.php/html file, this file is picked up by the server as your main page same goes for WordPress depending on how your theme will be structured. Then we move onto the about page which can be used as a service page this will provide a bit more insight into what you do as a interior designer and any other services or information you would like to show to visitors. We then move onto the contact page this is the main source of contact for potential clients or visitors, these type of pages contain a form that can be filled out and used as a point of contact, the form contains server side code which sends the information directly to the server and then moves it onto its specified location which is usually a email address that can be opened by the owner of the site.

Things to avoid when designing your website

Animated Flash Files
Avoid using flash elements, many moons back flash use to be popular but these days designers and developers tend to avoid it due to the lack of not converting well to mobile devices and is difficult to work with.

Loud background noise
Loud music playing automatically in the background after a Web Page can drive anyone crazy and hitting the back button

Dead end pages
Your pages should always lead somewhere or display a navigation that links to other pages. Having a dead end page is a sure way to get your visitor to hit the back button and leave, which leads to a lower bounce rate in your Analytics

Many sites use them but they can be annoying at times, it all depends on what you are using them for.

This tends to be a personal thing for me and could be for others, depending on what the pop-up is used for or what the site is, 70-80 percent of the times i find these annoying and tend to head straight for the back button.

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